About The Authors

KandK smaller size names onKatrina Kahler, Bill Campbell and Kaz Campbell are World Class Educators who together have been nominated for 3 National Inspirational Teaching Awards.

They know how kids think and they know the problems and joys that kids experience.

All three authors want kids to LOVE reading their books. Issues like bullying, self-confidence, positive thinking and resilience are woven into their stories about “normal” kids.

As well as fiction books, Katrina and Kaz have written series of books to teach young children how to read. Early Readers, Dex the Dog Series and Rabbit Readers will give your child a head start with their reading skills and confidence.

These simple learn to read books…with repeated text, pictures to aid comprehension and prediction skills, sight words and parent advice, will help your child to become a fluent and confident reader. They have also written a number of books on the most commonly used sight words and essential phonics for beginner readers. What an advantage your child will have when you download these books for them. Watch their confidence and interest in reading blossom. To check these books out…just click on the links below.

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