Bill Campbell

bill in glasses almost cool dadB Campbell loves to joke with kids. His friends call him Billy and he has two really “almost cool” kids and a “very cool” wife. All of Bill’s stories come from real life events. Yes, that’s right…all of Madonna’s experiences have happened in real life.

Bill is an “almost cool teacher” in Australia and he has been teaching tweens for many years. He hopes you get a laugh out of his ‘Diary of an Almost Cool Girl’ books.

It is the perfect book for girls and boys aged 9 -12. One of the most humorous and funny books for kids on Amazon. Read the reviews, kids love his books!

Bill has also written a book called, ‘Diary of an Almost Cool Boy’. It is a story about a boy called AJ. Is this book only for boys??? NO WAY! This book is for girls and boys who like funny stories, who aren’t super cool, but they aren’t dorks or wimps either. Yes, that means this book is for YOU!

Bill loves to surf. It takes him one minute to walk from his front gate to the water, he is very lucky! And he loves to write funny books for kids, tell jokes, play tricks on people and make up funny names for everyone he meets.

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